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Custom metal capping also referred to as “aluminum cladding” and “aluminum wrapping”, is a process of applying cut and formed aluminum sheeting over exterior trim. Generally used on wooden window frames and door-frames of houses and buildings. While the concept of capping is straight forward the process of installing it can be very tricky. The aluminum sheeting needs to be perfectly formed to your houses contours, which is done using a brake (A machine that bends sheet metal). Please make sure to let a professional like Aqua Seal Roofing handle the installation of aluminum capping. Improper installation can cause the exterior of your home to have an uneven appearance and the metal capping may not protect the wood as it is meant too. Now that you have a better understanding of aluminum capping lets go over some reasons you may want to consider having some installed on your home. 

1. Aluminum Capping Requires Virtually No Maintenance

Many homeowners with wood trim around the exterior of their home are plagued with the task of stripping, sanding, re-staining or re-painting the trim. By installing metal capping, you eliminate that messy and time consuming bi-yearly project that could over time end up costing you a great deal of time and money. Not only does the metal capping eliminate future wood maintenance, the surface of the capping is also very easy to clean all you need is a soft cloth, a mild detergent, and your garden hose. 

2. Your Homes Wooden Trim Will Last Longer

Because your homes wooden trim is no longer getting hit directly by the elements, the woods lifespan will be longer. The aluminum capping coupled with a sealant protects against moisture, which in turn slows down or in most cases prevents the wood from rotting. This moisture protection also reduces the chances of mold issues in your home.

3. Your Homes Exterior Looks Cleaner With Aluminum Capping

By covering your homes wood trim, it gives the exterior of your home better aesthetics by giving it a cleaner, more seamless appearance. This can be especially important on your garage door frames or window frames because they are generally the most noticeable exterior features on your home. Consequently, old wooden trim with chips, cracks, and peeling paint will undoubtedly receive attention you don’t want. 

4. Aluminum Capping Complements Your New Garage Door And Exterior Décor

Not only are there 12 colors of aluminum capping available, our professionals at Aqua Seal Roofing use industrial grade caulking during the installation process that can be color-matched to your home’s exterior décor. This allows you to truly create a cohesive and sublime look for the exterior of your home. 

5. Improves Your Homes Energy Efficiency

When aluminum capping is installed on window and door frames, it creates a weather resistant barrier between your home’s interior and exterior. As a result of this, drafts you may be experiencing will decrease and you’ll undoubtedly experience better energy efficiency. In the winter months this can be particularly valuable.

6. Durable Aluminum Capping Wont Rust And Fade

Once installed you wont need to even consider replacing your aluminum capping for a long, long time. Because of its resilient nature aluminum is one of the most durable building materials around, rusting or fading over time are not an issue.

7. Aluminum Capping Can Boost Your Home’s Value And Curb Appeal

Deciding to add aluminum capping to your home also has two more benefits, the improved appearance of your home will boost curb appeal and possibly raise the value of your home

With so many reasons for adding aluminum capping to the exterior of your home, why wait any longer? You can schedule your free consultation with a specialist at Aqua Seal Roofing today to further discuss how aluminum capping can improve your home!