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If you’re like most homeowners replacing your siding or siding repair may seem like a costly affair you might not want to undertake. Well here at Aqua Seal Roofing we understand the importance of your homes siding and would like to help you understand a little further.

Exterior siding plays an enormous role when it comes to protecting your home against outside elements. If your siding is in dis-repair, cracked or missing, and shows signs of algae growth on or around seems and windows, it may be time for you to have a professional come out and take a look. If left unchecked, you could be costing yourself much more then the simple cost of new siding. Cracked or missing siding as well as algae growth could be signs of water or moisture either getting behind your siding or into your home. Water or moisture damage can be very costly to repair if left over time. Water in your siding can find its way into the interior of your home causing peeling paint and drywall damage and possibly in time mold and mildew growth causing sickness to you and your family. Water damage can also cause serious issues to your foundation and homes framing. Another common issue can be proper insulation during install. Not having the proper insulation or moisture barrier can greatly increase your heating and cooling cost not to mention play a role in the mold and mildew issue we discussed previously. Many contractors will downplay the importance of this step in the siding installation process to maybe try and save time or money, but this is one of the most important parts of the process. Its our job here at Aqua Seal Roofing to try to educate all of our customers on all aspects of their home and help them determine what might be the right option for them. We believe in full transparency and always make sure the job is done right the first time. If your have anymore questions or would like to discuss your homes exterior further, please set up a free consultation with one of our specialists today!

Signs May Need New Siding

 · Cracked or missing siding

· Previous siding not insulated

· Mildew or algae around windows

· Improper ventilation

· Water damage

· Peeling paint or wallpaper in home

· High energy bills

· More cost for home repairs

· Mold mildew